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Algorithms for detection of drifts and events in air and hydrostatic pressure data

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Air pressure sensors can start drifting after years of exposure to extreme temperature and weather conditions, producing inaccurate results. The drift is very difficult to detect visually, but relatively easy to detect algorithmically.

This image shows the sensor drifting and the algorithm pointing the most probable start of the drift somewhere at the end of 2013. More information about the algorithm can be found here.

Hydrostatic pressure meter results are susceptible to all kinds of events like systematic tides, temporary effects due to heavy rain, permanent shifts due to equipment or environmental adjustments, and single measurements errors due to sensor inaccuracies. Detecting such events in time series is often tedious and time-consuming.

This image shows how the algorithm decomposes the timeseries into multiple level shifts, two outliers and no temporal changes. More information about the algorithm can be found here.


Grouping large sparse matrix

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In one of my recent projects I had to group data from a large sparse matrix. This was mainly to speed up the model fitting process.

The story in short: I couldn’t find a decent solution since most at some point converted the sparse matrix into a dense form, to group over. This is OK for a small matrix, but not for those that explode into gigabytes in their dense form…

Cholmod error ‘problem too large’ at file ../Core/cholmod_dense.c, line 105

So I wrote a function to exploit the sparse triplet structure to efficiently group a sparse matrix. Here it is with explanation.

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