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How to make Mass Effect (Steam) start on Windows 7/8 without admin rights

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First the reason why it will not start, and then the solution.
I traced the process during startup. It seems MassEffect.exe tries to write to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\AGEIA Technologies, but it doesn’t have enough privileges. Running it as admin for the first time will set the appropriate values. On subsequent runs these values will only be read, so no admin rights are needed.

Either run Steam elevated (i.e. with admin rights) the first time you run Mass Effect, or make the HKLM key yourself and give the “User” group full rights on it. In the second case, after you run Mass Effect for the first time it will make “enableLocalPhysXCore” and “EpicLocalDLLHack” REG_BINARIES, and add appropriate values to them. Value for “enableLocalPhysXCore” is system dependent (i.e. not generic!)

Note: simply running MassEffect.exe with admin rights will not suffice. The reason is that once MassEffect.exe is executed with admin rights, it will run Steam for authentication and exit. Then Steam will run MassEffect.exe again, but it is not elevated this time, so it will not be able to write to HKLM. You either need to run Steam elevated, or set “run this program as administrator” in compatibility settings of MassEffect.exe.

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